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AMM 1.5 for Wordpress

Amazon Media Manager 1.5

Welcome to the all new Amazon Media Manager (AMM) for Wordpress!

Important Note! - 29th Aug 2009 Due to changes to the Amazon Web Services an update has been released. However you will now need your own AWS account to use the AMM. To create your AWS account and generate your web-service keys, go here: Amazon Web Services Signup.

You can download the updated AMM from the Downloads Page.

Many thanks to Matthew Taylor for his contributions in rectifying this issue!

AMM 1.5 is a totally new system compared to the old one and will ONLY install and work with the latest releases of Wordpress, and up.

If you haven't upgraded to Wordpress yet, go and do it now and get back here, it's worth it !

This article was kindly translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from

What is AMM ?

The Amazon Media Manager lets you add items from Amazon's catalogue to your wordpress blog. It keeps a list of things you've added, too, so you can choose what to display, how to display it and more!

We've tried to make it as simple as we could for the amount of flexibility it provides and over time we'll be adding more features and "How to..." guides here to help you out.

What about my old AMM?

If you have been happily using the old AMM, don't worry, we've written a script that will upgrade you to the latest data-format and do some other clever things too. You will have to remove all the old AMM files from your website though, and delete any old AMM tags from your templates. It's a small price to pay though!

You can get the latest upgrade script here:

Downloads - Last Update 6th April 2006

You can grab the latest version of the AMM here:
The 19th December update included a security fix for a possible exploit. Please update if you are using an older version!

Older versions and supporting files can be found on our Downloads Page

Oh, one other thing... If you install and use the AMM, the only thing we ask is to please link to this index page, so that others can find their way here. We wrote this and gave it away, it's the least you can do!


There are some documents included in the ZIP file, but all of the available doucments are listed below. They look prettier online than they do in a text editor, and all the links and pictures work, so we advise you to view them online.


Please, if you run into trouble, consult the documents first. If you still can't then your next stop is the Wordpress AMM thread on the Wordpress forums.

If you still can't figure it out, email us on:

Please include a detailled description of what went wrong, including copies of the exact function calls or quicktags. We also hide error messages in the HTML sourcecode, so use your browser to View->Source and see if there is any extra information provided.

Lots of times it's just a space in the wrong place that causes the problems.

Help Us Out

We made AMM 1.5 to support the Wordpress Internationalisation system, which means that it can be translated into as many languages as you like. There's only one problem...

We only speak English.

If you want to help out with translating AMM into your native language please get in touch, the base message files are on the Downloads page, but if you want us to host the final translation you'll have to send it to us first!

Coming Up Next...

Even before we finished this version we were thinking about a few new features we'd like to add. However, if we kept adding them as we thought of them, we'd never release anything at all! Here's a list of a few of the things to come in AMM 2.0...


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