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StretchMagic Limousines go live

April 17, 2007, 1:11 pm

A short project to produce a business promotion site offering Limo hire in Devon was the brief for StretchMagic Ltd, a startup limo hire venture based in the south of the UK.

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Microwave Marketing Live!

October 22, 2006, 1:44 pm

Sozu are please to announce the launch of another new site, not yet added to the portfolio (And believe us, there's plenty like that... If only we had more time!)

Microwave Marketing are a Lincoln based company who provide optical, RF and microwave based products throughout the UK and Eire.

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Sozu is “One of the sexiest”

October 27, 2005, 3:55 pm

Sozu has been selected as one of the 35 Sexiest Designed websites by designer Phil Renaud. Phil cast his net wide saying:

I refuse to discriminate here, either: I'm willing to be wowed by CSS and XHTML with some AJAX and whatnot thrown in, and I'm just as willing to be wowed by a great Flash-based interface. If it catches my eye, It's golden.

and what did he like about the site? In Phils words CSS, here's the rest of his comment:

I'm not going to lie, the logo and menu alone would've sold me on this beauty. Great user interface.

Thanks Phil we appreciate your comments.

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Amazon Media Manager 1.5 Release

August 8, 2005, 4:23 am

Sozu are proud to announce the release of the Amazon Media Manager 1.5 for Wordpress, a popular open source blogging tool.

This plugin lets you store and display all your favorite books, music and more using a customiseable and very flexible template system.

For more information, head over to the Amazon Media Manager main page.

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New Sozu Website

May 20, 2005, 1:45 pm

Finally. It's done. Our graphics dept. is already bored with it but it'll be around for a while. Please bear with us while we tighten the screws and get everything smoothed out, but we hope you like it!

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